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If you are full of enthusiasm, and want to bring it to full use……

If you have lots of exciting ideas, and want to put them into practice

If you are looking for a foreign company with excellent process, and people-oriented management

Then, transcosmos China absolutely is the very right choice for you, and are you ready to join us?

People & Technology

The fundamental concept of transcosmos's business lies in uniting people and technology to offer high-valued services."People" refers to the highly specialized human resources who can offer fine-tuned services, and "Technology", pertains to up-to-date technology in the world that can be an asset to our customers. By combining "People and Technology, “transcosmos continues to polish the origin of our establishment of creating the most optimal business process.

Operational Excellence (Service Principle)

In order to secure excellence in our business operations, transcosmos responds to diverse global markets and selects the optimal “People and Technology” for each market.

With our operation capabilities to realize speed, cost, and accuracy, our clients’ business process become highly competitive, thus achieving a state of what we call “Operational Excellence.”

As a BPO vendor that promotes innovations, transcosmos optimizes our clients’ business process and aim at this “Operational Excellence” as a philosophy for our service.

Join us?

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