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transcsomos aims to help our client companies to expand sales through multi-channel distribution mode.

transcosmos E-Commerce business operations with services corresponding to the business strategies and brand strategies of client companies, ranging from E-Commerce website construction and operation, fulfillment (receipt of goods / picking / packing / shipping), customer care, web promotion and data. And we have rich EC experiences in Chinese Market and covering the industries of 3C, cosmetics, clothing, mother and baby, auto parts, toys etc.

Our Services

① Sales & Distribution Service

In order to achieve the maximization of sales profit, transcosmos continues to develop cooperation with various distribution channels.
Cooperated with TMALL, JD, Suning, VIP, Yihaodian, mia etc.
Certificated as TMALL 5-Star Service Provider, TMALL Golden Partner, JD Service Provider

② E-Commerce One-Stop Services

Providing overall services ranging   from store registration to daily operation     

TMALL/ JD Store Operation and Sales Channels Development

E-commerce Official Store/Site Establishment and Operation

Integrated Marketing

Data Analysis

Fulfillment and Storage Management  etc.

E-commerce One-Stop Service Center

E-commerce One-stop Service Flow

Majior E-Commerce Functions are Provided at One-Stop

Advantages of Chinese Market E-Commerce One-Stop Services

transcosmos has been providing services in China for 20 years, accumulating vast experiences with e-commerce operations for over 80 brands. Through strong partnerships with major Chinese businesses, we support clients' e-commerce business expansion considering Chinese culture and characteristics.

Cross-Border E-Commerce

transcosmos provides cross -border e-commerce websites for Japan, China, and the ASEAN market and sells high-quality products to local consumers.

Our Advantages

Operational Excellence

Aggregation of all E-Commerce related operational functions into One-Stop Center enables seamless communication across our operations to improve “Operational Excellence”.  We can better help our clients aiming to grow business and expand sales revenues in this dynamically changing market with “Real-Time Marketing” execution - more efficient sales & marketing and speedy operational improvements reflecting consumers’ view-points, thus maximizing opportunity for our clients’ to provide the best “Customer Experience”.


Real-Time Marketing

Marketing planning based on real-time analysis of data gathered at E-Commerce One-Stop Center, such as - order information, Web access logs, CRM data and inventory information; and real-time adjustments through shorter PDCA cycles of execution and optimization across multiple communication channels and customer touch points; will maximize the marketing effectiveness.

Customer Experience

By analyzing customer voices and behaviors through CRM data, Web access logs, social media comments, etc. and improving quality of all consumer touch points in real-time by seamless operational collaborations within One-Stop Center, we can provide the best “Customer Experience” on behalf of our clients.

Strong Partnerships with Sales Channels (and Wholesaling to Channels)

Tensyn - One of China’s Top 3 Digital Agencies



UNQ - A   Distributor for Chinese Online Retailers



Major Achievements in China

In addition to major Japanese brand companies, services are also provided for Western and Chinese brand companies.  Enjoying numerous achievements focused on fields such as apparel, consumer products and toys.




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