Girl Talk: Make A Smoother Career Move To Tech

Power up ladies!

Though there are many problems facing women trying to break into the startup world or transition into tech, the women who spoke at our event are living testaments to the fact that it is possible. Our panelists all stressed that if you have the will, then there is a way. To be an entrepreneur requires guts, long days, and persistence, but the fruits of that labor are immeasurable. Never have any of our female entrepreneurs recommended not taking the plunge. Instead, they have highlighted how important it is to be clear on the why. Once that is clear, your internal battery will never run out.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to our event, especially our panelists. It’s great to see this emerging crop of female entrepreneurs so dedicated to making changes and encouraging others to make an impact in the tech scene. 

We asked our panelists to reflect on their favorite moments from the event. Here’s what they had to say:

Diana Melencio co-founded OkMyOutfit, a one-stop shop that pairs you with celebrity fashion stylists to find the perfect outfit based on your style preferences and budget. Prior to her efforts in transforming the online shopping experience, Diana was working her way up the financial world. She held equity analyst roles at various firms, including Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn, Morgan Keegan and Robertson Stephens Investments.

“My favorite part of the panel was answering the questions from the crowd. In particular, the pointed questions about how to get started and what the first thing you did was after leaving your job. My answer: Checking my bank account. I also really enjoyed the questions around what the struggles were and how we rebounded from mistakes and failures: Irene and Lindsay’s issues with co-founders, my decision to do focus groups after building a product, and so on. These are not often talked about enough.”

Lindsay Tabas is a freelance Product Designer and has more than 9+ years of experience specializing in service systems, enterprise & B2C startup software, and agile design methods. She began her career at IBM Research working with their business consulting services to develop business architecture tools. Now, she uses her vast background to help clients better support their business goals.

“I think the most memorable thing was that afterwards, the guests made an effort right away to implement what we had said. I had several women email me today with really thoughtful emails. They approached me with great questions. They seemed really engaged.”

To read up on more of Lindsay’s insights, here’s a post that she wrote on the event: Jumping Out Of An Airplane: Ways To Test Your Risk Tolerance.

Irene Ryabaya and Diana Murakhovskaya founded the social platformMonarq to connect women on all things they love and make meaningful relationships. After leaving the financial and engineering world, Irene and Diana are putting their skills to make women’s lives a little more awesome. Here’s a snippet from a blog that Irene wrote on her experience with us:

“We were asked “What do you look for when interviewing for your company?” Diana Melencio and we answered in unison: “Passion!” Startups are often small and there is more work to do than can ever be done so you don’t want to hire people who are in it just for a 9–5 paycheck. We look for people who have read about Monarq, understand the problem we are solving and get excited about helping us make the dream a reality.”

Check out the rest of the post here!

Kanwal Jehan is the Marketing Director for Codify Academy and the organizer for the Women in Tech panel series. Kanwal worked in litigation at Cooley LLP for three years before joining the startup world. She also currently sits on the board of a Millennial’s non-profit called SparkNYC that supports women’s causes in New York and around the world.

“I loved sharing my stories for the first time on my move from the legal industry to the startup scene. My favorite moment was hearing all the panelists shared their amazing stories and advice on how to career transition smoothly into the startup world. It was great to see how many people from outside of tech attended the event and were fully engaged in the dialogue. We also had a lot of support from the tech community, which was very encouraging. I also would like to thank my team for putting everything together in such a short time and making the event such a success”.

Edited by Kanwal Jehan Written by Noomie Tiwutanond and Kanwal Jehan