Dream + Brag Interview with "Dreamers and Doers"!

Being grateful can make all the difference on our journeys.

It helps keep things in perspective, allows us to fully experience the here and now.

One tradition we have at Dreamers // Doers is expressing gratitude for each other. Kanwal is one of the women who stood out in this exercise. People said: “Kanwal you are incredible and have such a great story to tell!”

We’re featuring her here as a token of appreciation, and because she is awesome.

What are some of your dreams? Do they scare you?

My biggest dream is to be a #ladyboss CEO of an amazing company, whether it is a tech company or a small agency. It truly scares me that when I get there, I will be very old. I’d like to be a young CEO of a company and enjoy my life for as long as I have.

Brag about yourself: WE DARE YOU. Tell us 3 things you’re most proud of.

1. I am proud of being a great daughter, sister and friend.

2. I am proud to have left my stable law firm job to pursue a career in the startup world. Thank you StartUp Institute for making it happen.

3. I am proud to have started my women in tech events this year and be known for them. :)

What were the hardest and most helpful learning lessons on your journey? What advice would you give your younger self?

I would tell my younger self not to have any regrets. Life is just too short to waste on regrets. The biggest lesson I learned when my father passed away was to stay strong, not just for your family but for yourself. While friends and family help through hard times, in the end you are the only person who can pull yourself up.

What is a personal quote or mantra you live by?

You are amazing and you can make magic happen. Simply be your true awesome self!CLICK TO TWEET

What would 3 of your best friends say your best qualities are? (go ahead, ask them)

Here is what my best friends said:

1. Veronica: She is honest, loving, loyal and compassionate. She embodies all of the qualities that make up a truly amazing friend.

2. Albert: Sweet as sugar, Hungrier than Kobayashi, Loyal (almost to a fault).. and cute as a button.

3. Farah: Whimsical because your playfulness is the most adorable thing anyone can ever experience with you (especially your outbursts of laughter when we’re together, haha).

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