5 Ways To Be Yourself at Tech Events!

While tech events are exciting, they can also be very intimidating. Not everyone is comfortable walking into a room full of strangers and jumping into conversations with people they don’t know. This is harder when you are in a room full of men in the tech industry. More than half of every tech event is male-dominated but that doesn’t mean women shouldn’t attend these events.

Dream + Brag Interview with "Dreamers and Doers"!

Being grateful can make all the difference on our journeys. It helps keep things in perspective, allows us to fully experience the here and now. One tradition we have at Dreamers // Doers is expressing gratitude for each other. Kanwal is one of the women who stood out in this exercise. People said: “Kanwal you are incredible and have such a great story to tell!” We’re featuring her here as a token of appreciation, and because she is awesome.

Why Quit Your First Startup Job?

After graduating from StartUp Institute’s bootcamp, I knew I wanted to work at a great startup or if the startup wasn’t great, I was going to get it there. I know how much potential I have, so that wasn’t going to be the problem. The struggle was and is finding the right startup with the right culture. I know two weeks is a short-time to decide whether you should quit or not, but that isn’t any different from dating. Meeting someone for the first time, sitting down for dinner and chatting about life for a few hours, you sure will know a great deal about them. Then, you can decide whether to go on another date or not?

Girl Talk: Make A Smoother Career Move To Tech

Though there are many problems facing women trying to break into the startup world or transition into tech, the women who spoke at our event are living testaments to the fact that it is possible. Our panelists all stressed that if you have the will, then there is a way. To be an entrepreneur requires guts, long days, and persistence, but the fruits of that labor are immeasurable...